Universal Air Filter

Universal Air Filter (UAF) designs and manufactures custom air filters and EMI shielding products used to protect commercial equipment and electronics enclosures.

UAF is a valuable partner for global OEMs serving all types of electronics and industrial machinery end markets, by providing engineering design support and quick-turn, free custom prototypes to customers under ambitious product development cycles.
UAF high-quality, custom products are engineered and manufactured for all industry applications to meet the most stringent end market certification standards for performance criteria and flame safety.
UAF is the NEBS-certified, OEM approved supplier of replacement air filters direct to end users for use in carrier grade telecommunications and networking applications, medical, data center, military, power generation, industrial, and HVAC equipment.

Based in the United States with offices in China and Europe, we are ready to serve you with an effective, economical solution that meets your exact requirements in a timely manner, regardless of order size.

There are two ways to get a free Universal Air Filter prototype made.

Provide us your Filter Specs: Provide us your dimensions and other details. A custom air filter prototype will ship in 5 days.


Design Your Filter Using 3D CAD Use UAF's 3D CAD tools to design your filter: Submit CAD drawings for a free prototype based on your specifications.

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