Filtration Group Divisions

Filtration Group Divisions
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Did You Know: Every year healthcare costs increase 7%. Half of these increases is due to improving healthcare through advancements in medical technology.

As the focus on new medical devices and technology continues to build, filtration providers must be ready to meet those demands. Healthcare providers entrust Filtration Group for innovative devices, venting, diffusing, and filtration materials to enable treatments. From material sciences to medical applications, no other filtration provider offers the level of accountability, technology and expertise we do. Learn more about our Life Sciences solutions here, including: Medical, Biosciences, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Home Health Care. - Learn More

Filtration Group Life Sciences brands include:

AG Industries

Buffalo Filter


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Did You Know: By 2050 the food industry will have an additional 2.3 billion mouths to feed, requiring production to increase by an estimate 70% globally.

For over 100 years we’ve helped companies worldwide improve their critical processes through innovation and cost efficiency. Only Filtration Group delivers the performance, quality and consistency to separate yourself from the competition. Learn more about our Process Technologies solutions here, including: Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Mining and Minerals, Food and Beverage, Water Processing. - Learn More


Filtration Group Process Technologies brands include:

Clear Edge Filtration

Global Filter


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Did You Know: By 2040 75% of cars on the road will be self-driving, weighing 3,000 pounds less than vehicles today, they will produce 56% fewer fuel emissions.

As the future of car technology continues to produce vehicles that are more efficient, pollute less and perform better, the same will be expected from our transmission filtration solutions. We lead the industry in developing extensive, award-winning product lines of filtration solutions that improve oil cleanliness, maximize performance and meet warranty levels for reliability. Learn more about our Fluid solutions here, including: Transmissions, Hydraulics, Mobile, Compressors. - Learn More

Filtration Group Fluid Division brands include:

Air System Products

Filtran LLC

IBS Filtran



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Did You Know: By 2020, new carbon pollution standards will cut power plant emissions by 21% – 31% compared to 2012. That’s a decrease of 470 – 700 million tons of carbon pollution.

Good air quality isn’t something anyone takes lightly. We are in the position to significantly improve the air in our customers’ work environments and in our world, and are committed to providing the highest efficiency-performance-quality air filters across the largest range of industries across the world. Our customers benefit from world-leading solutions and expertise. Learn more about our Indoor Air Quality solutions here, including: Paint and Industrial Solutions, HVAC Solutions, Gas Turbine Solutions, Cleanspace Solutions, Micro Electronics Solutions. - Learn More

Filtration Group Indoor Air Quality Division brands include:

Filtration Group Finishing

Filtration Group HVAC


Universal Air Filter


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