Filtration Group Fluid Division

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As the future of car technology continues to produce vehicles that are more efficient, pollute less and perform better, the same will be expected from our transmission filtration solutions. We currently lead the industry in developing an extensive and award-winning product line of filtration solutions that improve oil cleanliness, maximize vehicle performance and meet the demands of industry warranty levels for reliability.

World-class products by Filtran. We provide a complete line of the highest quality filters that supply virtually every automotive OEM and aftermarket customer on the planet. Our wide range of products includes screen, suction and pressure filter designs as well as advanced filtration systems. They can be assembled into all variations of automatic transmissions, including the latest technology available on the market.

Contaminant-free, guaranteed. We understand the importance of maintaining transmission and engine longevity and performance, and our contaminant analysis experts work daily to develop filter media that remove the maximum number of particles, while providing maximum oil flow.

Compressor technology. We are proud of our reputation as a top producer of condensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gas compressor market.

Hydraulics. We are a leading manufacturer of hydraulics filtration products, including strainers, diffusers, spin-on-filters, pressure filters and other filtration accessories.

Technical capabilities? Check. Research and development, engineering and design, manufacturing and testing services — we cover all the technical bases to ensure we provide the best products, better and faster than anyone else.

Superior customization. We work closely with customers to design, prototype, test and manufacture filtration solutions that meet all quality standards and requirements, especially yours. And with our proprietary simulation software, total design time is reduced from months to weeks.

Industry and customer recognition. Our commitment to new product development, quality and innovation has led to multiple awards from the automotive industry as well as our OEM customers.

Environment, environment, environment. Everything we do is in accordance with the applicable environmental laws, and we work to exceed those requirements to further protect the environment and public health.


Filtration Group Fluid Division Company Brands include:

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