Filtration Group Life Sciences Division

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Healthcare providers entrust Filtration Group for innovative medical devices, venting, diffusing and filtration materials that enable safe and effective medical treatment. From material sciences to medical applications, no other filtration provider offers the healthcare industry with the level of accountability, technology and expertise we do.

POREX® porous polymer technology.
We are the leading producer and innovator of sintered porous plastic components for the healthcare industry. Our unique porous polymer technology is used to enhance everyday items, including air fresheners, fragrance diffusers, carbon filters for water bottles and writing instruments. Our customized solutions for critical filtration and venting, diffusion and wicking functions are recognized as the “Standard of Performance” in the industry.

Leading respiratory products.
We offer a complete line of respiratory filters, accessories and replacement supplies for both inpatient and outpatient care, and specialize in products for oxygen therapy, sleep apnea/CPAP, ventilation, suction, nebulizer treatment and airway management.

Surgical smoke plume evacuation.
Filtration Group is the recognized global leader in advanced smoke evacuation technology. Our products remove and filter hazardous surgical smoke plumes created in all operative environments and are easy to use by staff.

Medical devices.
Our products provide cost effective solutions with enhanced performance for a wide range of medical device applications, including:

  • Hospital central vacuum systems, arterial syringes, urine bags, catheters and blood filtration
  • Media retention filters used in the production of dialysis systems
  • Inhalers, nebulizers, spray pumps and other drug delivery devices
  • Filtration media for an extensive range of laboratory, diagnostic and research products

Engineering confidence. From product design expertise and custom manufacturing to providing unparalleled product performance, our team works with global market leaders to create new and next-generation products that improve the delivery of healthcare.

We are always working on new and existing products, technology and processes to make healthcare functions easier, safer and more effective. The future of healthcare all but guarantees that change will be constant, and you can count on Filtration Group to keep up, right along with it.

Life Sciences

Filtration Group Life Sciences Brands include:

AGI Buffalo Filter Porex