Filtration Group Process Technologies Division

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When there’s a literal fine line between what you need and don’t need, you For over 100 years, we’ve helped companies all over the world improve their critical processes through innovation and cost efficiency. A global leader in industrial process filtration, only Filtration Group’s Process Technologies Division delivers the performance, quality and consistency you need to separate yourself from the competition. With extensive market expertise that includes the Oil & Gas, Mining & Minerals, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries, we have all your processing needs covered.

Oil & Gas. Always advancing the economics of gas filtration and pursuing new technologies, we provide state-of-the-art filtration and separation products, including a range of pleated and depth style, as well as coalescing filters.

Mining & Minerals. Through years of partnering with mining operations and OEMs, we’ve developed one of the broadest ranges of filtration products optimized for mining applications, including press filter cloths, woven and spiral belts and dust bag filters.

Food & Beverage. We are proud to be the recognized filtration supplier of filter cloths, belting and fabric filters to food and beverage customers. We are constantly creating consistent and reproducible filtration solutions to support the ever-growing scale of operations and increasingly rigorous process requirements.

Pharmaceuticals. We promise high purity, efficiency and economy to our customers. Our products are highly tested and certified in our hygienic production facilities.

Trusted OEM partner. We work with OEMs to help improve equipment performance, reduce development time and enhance aftermarket service and support to end customers. Through our global footprint, we can also strengthen your ability to provide aftermarket service and technical support to end customers.

Recognized technology leader. We own hundreds of patents and trademarks, each representing a streamlined process, greater yield, reduced costs or competitive advantage for our customers.

Proactive pollution control. Our technologies are at the heart of some of the most advanced pollution control systems. With innovative products, like Proprietary Compact Filter Element (CFE) technology, that delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater savings in critical applications, our goal is to make it easy for customers to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Separation & De-Watering Business Unit

The Separation & De-Watering (S&D) Business Unit is part of Filtration Group’s Process Technologies Division. S&D has a powerfully differentiated business model providing technically superior industrial filtration products. S&D weaves high performing technical fabrics/roll goods and converts those fabrics into specialized custom filtration products. S&D has two state of the art weaving facilities (Germany & US) and 8 fabrication facilities strategically placed around the globe to be able to provide efficient technical service to filter equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s), distributer’s, and end users. S&D specialty products include woven filter cloth, woven and spiral belts and dry bag products used in the following markets: 

  • Mining
  • Wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Power Gen
  • Coal
  • Aggregate
  • Agriculture
  • Process MFG
  • Cement
  • Foundries 

S&D customers trust our culture of innovation and technical development. Our research and development labs provide an unmatched level of customer support.
  • 100+ Patents, 250+ Trademarks 
  • Industry Leader in Process Automation and Streamlining 
  • Industry Recognized Technical Experts 
  • 20 R&D and Applications Engineers Positioned Globally. 

The Separation & De-Watering Business Unit is the proud home of the Clear Edge Filtration™ product brands. 
Clear Edge

Industrial Air Business Unit

The Industrial Air (IA) Business Unit is part of Filtration Group’s Process Technologies Division. IA manufacturing locations are in both the Netherlands and Germany with global sales locations and distributors. 

The IA product line includes:

  • Diffusion Media serving Auto Body, paint, HVAC, Power Gen and Ceiling Filter Markets. 
  • Pocket Filters serving Gas Turbine, HEPA, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and HVAC Markets. 
  • Compact Filter Elements (CFE) serving Automotive Paint Shops, Construction, Mining, Milling and Welding Fumes Markets. 
  • Ceramic Candles (Cerafil®) serving the Glass, Cement, Incineration, Transportation, Chemical and Metallurgical Markets. 

The Industrial Air Business Unit is the proud home of the Filtrair® and Clear Edge Filtration™ product brands.

ClearEdge Filtrair

Cartridge & Coalescer Business Unit

The Cartridge & Coalescers (C&C) Business Unit is part of Filtration Group’s Process Technologies Division and is a North American powerhouse in the high purity and oil & gas industries with a rapidly growing global presence.

The C&C facilities are located in Texas and Iowa with over 150 Global Direct Sales and Distribution. Product offerings for this dynamic business unit include:

  • Liquid Pleated Cartridges serving Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Petrochemical Markets.
  • Coalescers serving Petrochemical, Industrial and Marine Markets.
  • Gas Filters serving Petrochemical, Industrial and Marine Markets.
  • Vessels serving High Purity and Industrial Markets.
  • Pleated Depth Cartridges serving Photographic, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Wastewater Markets.
  • Meltblown Cartridges serving Chemical, Water, and Food & Beverage Markets.

The Cartridge & Coalescers Business Unit is the proud home of the Global Filter® and Jonell™ product brands.

Global Filter

The Process Technologies Division is comprised of three business units each specifically focused on unique filtration initiatives. Cartridge and Coalescer Industrial Air Separation and De-Watering

Filtration Group Process Technologies brands include:
ClearEdge Filtrair Global