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Since its founding in 1942, Filtration Group HVAC has grown into one of the largest filter manufacturers in North America and produces over 40 million filters each year. Dedication to generating cleaner air has propelled Filtration Group HVAC to the industry forefront as a leading broad-line manufacturer of filtration products for the HVAC, turbine, cleanroom, bio-safety, filter media, UV object and air purification markets.

Our fully-automated process ensures that our products are technologically relevant and our commitment to testing ensures each and every filter performs at its highest potential. Clean air is our promise to our customers.

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Filtration Group Finishing

Filtration Group Corporation's (FGC) Finishing division is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and replacement filtration and supplies for a supray booth industry. Whether you use your spray booth to apply liquid or powder coatings, every filter and maintenance product can be sourced from our one stop product offering

As the sole U.S. distributor of genuine Filtrair® ceiling diffusion products for down draft spray booths, our Finishing team offers the widest range of sizes and the fastest turnaround in the industry. Our "Application Driven Solutions" product selection process ensures that you get the filtration products and technical expertise custom tailored to your specific needs.

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