We clean air and water to meet healthier standards of living

Air quality in airports, factories and power plants is often unhealthy. New standards will soon help decrease worldwide carbon pollution by 470-700 million tons and result in air that is cleaner and healthier.

Water, one of our most precious commodities, is often unhealthy and requires solving complex contamination control challenges. Our water filtration products are used to make the water we use, and drink, healthier. Our filtration solutions exceed safety standards across a wide range of industries. We help to clean air and water to help millions of people around the world live healthier lives.

Two airlines passengers roll suitcases down a hall

Purafil eliminates odors for Delta Air Lines travelers and staff

When odors from the Great Salt Lake started permeating Delta Airlines’ reservation desk, the airline turned to Purafil for a powerful filtration solution. Learn how Purafil representatives identified the issue and how Purafil products helped eliminate the odors — and the accompanying customer complaints.

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