24" x 24" x 12 MERV 14 Aerostar® Single Header Polystyrene Frame Series 651 HEGA Dual-Pak Filter

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The Aerostar® HEGA Dual-Pak is a dual-stage filter consisting of a pleated particulate first stage media along with a second stage gas removal media. The robust design and effective collecting of particulate by the first stage media, allows the second stage media to perform more efficiency and with fewer changeouts. Gas phase media removes odors such as VOC’s, food and cooking odors, chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfur compounds, diesel exhaust, acid gases and more!
  • MERV 11 and 14
  • Patented gas phase media technologies
  • Wide range of media options for specific gases
  • Available in a variety of frame styles to fit your HVAC retrofit needs
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Product Details /

Nominal Size
24" x 24" x 12"
Header Thickness
Approximate Efficiency
MERV Rating
Removal Target
Diesel Exhaust
Gas Phase Initial Efficiency
Initial Resistance
0.64” w.g. at 375 fpm nominal; 1.00” w.g. at 500 fpm nominal; 1.44” w.g. at 625 fpm nominal
Final Resistance
1.5" w.g.
Flow Rate
500 fpm
Carbon Loading
6.3 lbs
Temperature Rating
120 deg F
Media Material
Bi-Component Non-Woven Fabric with Impregnated Activated Carbon and separate Synthetic Mechanical Media Pack
Media Area
58 Sq. Ft.
Frame Material
High Impact Polystyrene
Neoprene Downstream Gasket
Header Type
Single Header

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