Food & Beverage

Meeting demand for safe, healthy food

As the world’s population grows so does the demand for accessible foods that are safe and healthy. We are the supplier of filtration components to leading food producers and consistently meet the food industry’s most rigorous quality standards. We are prepared for the future with agriculture and process filtration solutions.

Air System Products

Manufacturer of condensate management products for compressed air systems found in food and beverage production.

Clear Edge

From sugar refining to brewing, edible oils to dried milk products, Clear Edge has high-quality filter media for various Food and Beverage applications

FG Fluid Solutions

Food-safe sealing systems, efficient air filtration elements, conductive membranes and dead-space-free filter elements are just a few examples of solutions we offer.

Global Filter

Premier supplier of depth, pleated depth, pleated membrane cartridges and vessels for the Food & Beverage industry.


Extend shelf life and reduce shrink with our superior oxygen absorbers for food.

Filtration Group Process Systems

Our extensive product range can be utilized for all areas of the food and beverage market, ranging from coarse clarification to sterile filtration, for the removal of microorganisms. 


Filtration products for juice, wine, beer, sugar juice or edible oils or food and beverage processing requiring filter cloths.


Hydraulic filtration and reservior accessory product solutions for agriculture equipment and material handling equipment.