December 6, 2016

Introducing NUBIFORM® by Porex

ATLANTA, Ga., (December 8, 2016) — Porex Corporation (“Porex®”), a market leader and innovator in advanced porous solutions, has announced the launch of Nubiform®, a high-performance technology that offers designers and brand managers an alternative to foams and other porous products. A cutting-edge elastomer material, Nubiform gives product designers freedom, flexibility and control by enabling unique 3D shaping, optimized flow-through of product formulations, breathability, and anti-microbial protection. Nubiform is ideal for cosmetic applications such as foundation applicators, liquid eye liners, and lip stain and eye shadow applicators. Plus, Nubiform is exceptional for high-performance sports padding applications in football, ice hockey, snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, and BMX. Because of the material’s unique characteristics, there is a vast range of potential product applications.

Designers can take advantage of Nubiform’s ability to be molded into a variety of shapes. It is available in flat sheet, multi-layer or three-dimensional forms, and it can be conveniently insert-molded with solid plastic structures. In contrast to other foam-like materials on the market, Nubiform maintains an open-cell porous structure regardless of its shape. Brand managers can take advantage of Nubiform’s range of pore size options to optimize the flow-through of product formulations as well as enhance the softness and smoothness of their product.

An optional feature of Nubiform is Porex® Barrier Technology, which incorporates anti-microbial protection that is evenly distributed throughout the material structure. This technology can both prevent microbial growth and kill potentially harmful and odor-causing bacteria. For cosmetics and sports apparel, this reduces the potential for contamination, infection and unwanted odors to achieve a higher level of hygiene.

“In creating Nubiform, Porex set out to invent a porous product with exceptional benefits for designers,” said Avi Robbins, Director, Global Product Development for Porex. “We see immediate applications for Nubiform in cosmetics and sportswear products, but we anticipate its use in a wide variety of markets.”

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About Porex Corporation

Founded in 1961 and based in Fairburn, GA, Porex is a pioneer and global leader in the development and manufacturing of sintered porous plastic products. Porex products serve filtration, venting, wicking, and diffusing functions in applications such as medical devices, electronics, laboratory products, and a wide range of consumer products from cosmetics to sports padding.

Porex is widely recognized for its materials science expertise and proprietary designs which serve over 1,300 customers across more than 65 countries via operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Constant innovation, outstanding technological resources, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service distinguish Porex products as the standard of performance. For more information about Porex Corporation, visit

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