July 22, 2019

PCI Membranes Expands Capabilities Through Acquisition of Pentair – X-Flow B.V. Classic Tubular Membranes

The acquisition grows PCI Membranes industry leadership into virtually every use case for liquid filtration using membrane technology

Chicago, IL USA – July 3, 2019

PCI Membranes, a leading provider of custom crossflow membrane filtration systems, has completed the strategic acquisition of Pentair’s X-Flow Classic Membrane.

PCI Membranes will now be the exclusive provider of this technology, expanding its already unique offering of process and separation solutions. PCI Membranes and Pentair closed the product line acquisition deal, which includes hand over of existing assets and customers, earlier this spring.

“This agreement with industry leader Pentair demonstrates our global leadership in advanced filtration solutions,” says Ian Sadler, Managing Director of PCI Membranes. “We are excited to utilize this new product offering to solve more problems for our customers and increase the quality and efficiency that we are known for.”

The ‘Classic Membranes’ tubular membrane product is well suited to handling aqueous feeds with high levels of dry substances (up to 40,000 ppm), high viscosities, or high degrees of fouling. PCI Membranes has already begun a collection of the acquired assets from Pentair, and the company will undertake a restructure of its manufacturing lines to incorporate.

Beyond existing customers, PCI Membranes can now expand to provide the ideal membrane technology for virtually every industry and filtration application. The company is already known for its engineering capabilities, boasting a custom application engineering team with over 50 years of experience. The team designs systems that meet individual project needs, making use of PCI Membranes’ catalogue of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis technologies.

“Our strong portfolio of intellectual property, combined with our large network of expertise in advanced filtration, puts us into unique strata within our arena,” said Sadler, “and this is just the next step in our continued innovation roadmap.”

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PCI Membranes (a Filtration Group® brand) is a world leader in the custom-built crossflow membrane filtration systems for liquid separation using membrane technology and has been manufacturing membranes and membrane systems for more than forty-five years supplying worldwide markets. PCI Membranes has developed expertise using all of the leading polymeric crossflow membranes and membrane configurations available on the world market. With this broad product portfolio, PCI Membranes selects the most appropriate membrane type to suit each application, minimizing investment and running costs while maximizing our customers’ benefits. Learn more about PCI Membranes at www.pcimembranes.com/en-US.

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