Case Studies

PuraShield Protects Students and Teachers Returning to the Classroom


The Challenge The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for K-12 schools, forcing many schools to shut their doors and rely on remote learning. But for many students in the most at-risk communities, in-person school is absolutely essential. School provides critical resources, a supportive environment and a safe place to learn. One of those schools is […]

The Sistine Chapel relies on Purafil to preserve its artwork for future generations


The air flowing over Michelangelo’s frescoes is filtered by Purafil® Select Media. To help preserve some of the world’s most treasured artwork, Vatican engineers assembled a team including experts from Purafil and Carrier. Together, they developed a complex environmental control system that functions behind the scenes, protecting Michelangelo’s delicate work for future generations. THE CHALLENGE The Vatican needed […]

Purafil eliminates odors for Delta Air Lines travelers and staff


THE CHALLENGE Complaints from airport visitors and staff were mounting about offensive odors at the reservations desk. Salt Lake City International Airport is Delta Air Lines’ third largest hub, with more than 150 scheduled daily departures. Typical of any airport, jet fumes from runway traffic and vehicular exhaust from ground transportation make their way indoors […]

Our Filters Help Protect Employees and the Environment


Initial Situation Safe and effective industrial filtration solutions, including automotive finishing, require a commitment to protecting employees and the environment. With the understanding that workplace safety and sustainable, environmental responsibility go together, codes and regulations are in place regarding the construction, location and operation of spray booth technology.  Finishing companies must comply with codes and […]

Improving the Air Quality for more than 200 schools in Canada


Initial Situation Schools are some of the most highly used buildings in our society. The average adult inhales the equivalent of 15,000 or more quarts of air each day and children breathe more air relative to their body weight than adults. Therefore, students are more susceptible to getting sick from breathing poor quality air.  Most […]

Porex and CERUS Saving Lives with Pathogen Inactivation


THE CHALLENGE CERUS needed a reliable partner committed to quality as part of their supply chain. CERUS Corporation is a biomedical products company specializing in the field of blood transfusion safety. CERUS provides products that make blood safer with a goal to become the worldwide standard of care. The company developed a solution for inactivating […]

UAF Provides an Essential Component to a Life-Saving Device for Heart Patients


RANDY WAS DYING Randy Shepherd was happily married, raising three kids and running a successful business. As a teenager, rheumatic fever had severely damaged his heart. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, Randy had serious heart problems. His doctors recommended a heart transplant.  As he waited for a donor heart, Randy’s body deteriorated. Fragile and bedridden […]

Mumbai’s Mindspace relies on Purafil to protect data for its multinational corporations


THE CHALLENGE Transforming a landfill into a busy commercial center resulted in a corrosive gas problem. In the 1990s, a 125-acre plot was transitioned from a landfill into what is now one of the city’s largest commercial centers. The Mindspace complex is located eight miles from downtown Mumbai − the center of international business in […]

Purafil increases yield at the world’s largest copper mine


Kennecott Utah Copper uses Purafil to control corrosion and protect mining equipment.  Facing repeated equipment failures and replacements that lowered productivity at the world’s largest open-pit copper mine, Kennecott Utah Copper brought in Roto Aire Filter Sales and Purafil to help. The team’s expert service, analytical testing, and unique clean air solutions increased yield and […]

The MercedesBenz 9G-tronic transmission relies on a specially designed Filtran module


On the leading edge of modularization in the auto industry, Filtran’s Compact Oil Pan Housing with integrated SmartMedia® minimizes transmission wear and protects control valves from contaminants. THE CHALLENGE Taking into consideration the demand on higher filtration needs related to more sensitive components while also considering the limited installation space, weight and cost reduction. THE […]

Auto Filtration Technology Ford and GM 10-speed RWD transmission


A specially designed Filtran module protects sensitive parts inside modern transmissions. Filtran’s innovative design for the all-new Ford and GM 10-speed transmissions minimizes wear, protects against contaminant damage, and extends the life of transmissions and control valves. THE CHALLENGE Defining a filter system that considers high filtration efficiency, low pressure differential drop and a long […]