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We help you decrease downtime and increase productivity

The more efficient that processes are, the more productive and profitable businesses can be. Downtime caused by equipment failure costs time and money and can create unsafe job environments. We work closely with our customers to design, test and manufacture solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

We help automobile and industrial manufacturers improve the quality of their operations and protect sophisticated equipment from harmful dust and other contaminants. Refineries, gas-processing and petrochemical plants rely on our products to increase yields, protect essential gas and liquid transmission pipelines. By helping to reduce emissions that protect the environment, we are lighting the way for future generations.

more productive backhoe

Purafil increases yield at the world’s largest copper mine

Facing repeated equipment failures and replacements that lowered productivity at the world’s largest open-pit copper mine, Kennecott Utah Copper brought in Roto Aire Filter Sales and Purafil to help. Learn how their team of experts, analytical testing and clean air solutions increased yield and decreased spending on equipment.

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mercedes benz gears

The MercedesBenz 9G-tronic transmission relies on a specially designed Filtran module

When Mercedes-Benz needed a filter to meet the high efficiency demands and limited space and cost requirements of their 9G-tronic transmission, they turned to industry-leading Filtran, whose compact oil pan housing with integrated SmartMedia® minimizes transmission wear and protects control valves from contaminants. Learn how Filtran’s solution made the grade.

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more productive ford gears

Auto Filtration Technology Ford and GM 10-speed RWD transmission

Ford and GM needed a filter system to accommodate the specific needs of their 10-speed transmissions. They partnered with Filtran, whose innovative design protects sensitive components inside modern transmissions to minimize wear, protect against contaminant damage and extend their lives. See how they did it.

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