We create safer environments for our next generation

By the year 2050, there will be an additional 2.3 billion people on earth. The need for food and access to clean water will increase, along with the demand for healthcare and improved medical technology.

We help to solve the challenges of worldwide growth. We develop filtration solutions that make our foods safer. We clean the water supply so millions of people have access to water that is free of contaminants. Our filters make the air safer to breathe in airports, schools, homes, hospitals, workplaces and virtually everywhere we reside.

spray paint booth

Our Filters Help Protect Employees and the Environment

Clogged filters compromise the safety conditions for spray booth workers and decreases the airflow, which allows particulate to harden and fall onto the painted surface. Learn how our Finishing companies help protect spray booth works and the environment.

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sistine chapel

The Sistine Chapel relies on Purafil to preserve its artwork for future generations

To help protect some of the world’s most treasured artwork, Vatican engineers assembled a team of experts — including engineers and consultants from Purafil and Carrier. Learn how they developed a complex environmental control system that functions behind the scenes, preserving Michelangelo’s delicate work for years to come.

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mindspace case study

Mumbai’s Mindspace relies on Purafil to protect data for its multinational corporations

Corrosive gases in one of India’s largest commercial centers jeopardized operations and customer data at a major financial institution. Today Purafil solutions provide ongoing corrosion control at the Mindspace complex, protecting sensitive equipment and reducing costs for several financial institutions and multinational corporations.

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